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Malawi, Africa, is one of the poorest countries on earth with a GDP of $450AUD per person.


In 2016, the United Nations World Food Programme declared Malawi, Africa, a “Level 3” which is their highest level of emergency, identifying that 6.5 million (just over a third of the population of 18 million) Malawians need immediate food aid.

Project Kindy fundraises in Australia to support locally run kindergartens in rural Malawi that are managed by the Canossian Sisters.  The collaborative kindergarten model provides vital, immediate food security for vulnerable children through the nutritious lunches and improves their ‘school readiness’, raising long term educational and living standard outcomes.  Moreover, as active leaders in the initiating and running of the kindergartens, the local villagers avoid the pitfalls of passive receivership.

Project Kindy and Canossian Daughters of Charity Partnership

Project Plan FY2021



Project Kindy pursue the following charitable purposes:

  • Advance education and relieve poverty by providing funds for kindergartens run by the Canossian Daughters of Charity in Malawi.
  • Advance education and relieve poverty by providing scholarships for young people who are from financially disadvantaged backgrounds to study at schools or educational institutions



Empower children suffering extreme poverty in rural Malawi to attend kindergarten where they receive short-term life-saving impacts of food security and infrastructure and long-term life-changing impacts of ‘school readiness’.

100% of funds raised reach the grassroots where it is truly needed and the direct impact of the donor’s support for the beneficiary can be clearly demonstrated.


Work in Malawi

Project Kindy will partner with the Canossian Daughters of Charity Sisters to provide village-based, community-run kindergartens for children in Nsanama and surrounding areas in rural Malawi, Africa.

Project Kindy will fundraise in Australia to provide the necessary funds for the short and long-term sustainability of the kindergartens.  The Canossian Daughters of Charity Sisters will manage the kindergartens and regularly inform the Project Kindy Committee of the work and the partners will help each other to achieve their goals.  A Project Kindy Committee representative will visit the kindergartens every 3 years (when travel restrictions lift), self-funded, to evaluate the work and research how to best support the work of the Sisters and local communities.


Project Kindy will electronically transfer an annual donation to the Canossian Daughters of Charity bank account in February or March each year for the 11 (in 2020) kindergartens.



Part of the annual donation will provide for short term needs through the purchase of:

  • Daily lunches for the children through bulk purchase of corn, sugar, rice, salt and beans
  • Wages for the staff at the two main kindergartens, Katundu and Nsanama
  • 10kg bags of maize (corn) for the 18 volunteer teachers in the 9 village kindergartens as incentives and to show appreciation
  • Transport costs of the delivery of bulk food and medicated bags for the storage of the food (these bags last for 3 years)
  • School fees scholarships and resources and maintenance


Part of the annual donation will provide for long term needs through the gradual funding of:

  • Permanent classrooms
  • Wells
  • Solar power
  • Irrigation
  • Storage for grain
  • Toilets
  • Educational resources and Professional development of volunteer teachers


Project Kindy will also send educational resources by mail wherever possible and (hopefully) have Australian early years educators join the committee’s 3 yearly visits (on hold due to COVID19 travel restrictions) to provide training for the volunteer teachers and Sisters.


The 11 kindergartens and the number of children attending each one are:


1 Bakhita Nursery              177 children

2 Katundu Holy Family      56

3 Nkasho  St Pius                79

4 Masao  St Kizito               51

5 Mlambe                            30

6 Tadala St Teresa              90

7 Mwai Wathu Mtima       58

8 Mahethe St Anna            58

9 Napini St Augustino        41

10 Tikondane                      55

11 Kankolosi                       15


Total children  847 (updated numbers per kindergarten required)                      

Total staff and volunteers 30: 18 volunteer teachers at the 9 village kindergartens, 2 staff at Katundu and 6 staff at Bakhita.


New Kindergartens

The number of kindergartens that Project Kindy and the Canossian Daughters of Charity Sisters in the Nsanama area and surrounds work for have stayed at 11 in total since 2017.  If new kindergartens are requested from other village communities, the Sisters and the Project Kindy committee will discuss the sustainability of taking them on and decide on a case-by-case basis whether to support the new kindergarten or not.  Factors to consider are how many children would be attending, the location and the cooperation of the local community as well as the Project Kindy committee’ fundraising capacity.  If Project Kindy cannot afford to take on a new kindergarten or if the Sisters deem the initiative unsustainable, it will not be approved.  If on the other hand both partners agree that there is capacity to support, run and manage a new kindergarten the partners will approve the new request.


Progress Monitoring

The Canossian Daughters of Charity Sisters will send a written reports, detailing the work being carried out at the kindergartens, to the Project Kindy committee twice a year.  The Canossian Daughters of Charity will also send a detailed excel spreadsheet of how the funds have been spent plus receipts of purchases (where possible) twice a year.  The Sisters will also send regular photos and videos of the kindergartens.  The Project Kindy committee will evaluate the work formally in person every 3 years in Malawi and annually in Australia at their strategic planning day.


Exit Strategy

Project Kindy and the Canossian Daughters of Charity are committed to empowering the local people, our beneficiaries, to be self-sustaining in the long term.  Beginning in 2019, each year we donate funds to build infrastructure for the kindergartens including permanent classrooms, solar power, wells, irrigation and storage.  We hope that this infrastructure will empower the local people to be able to grow and store the food for the kindergarten lunches and hopefully also provide alternative sources of income for the community-owned kindergartens.  It will take 15 to 20 years for us to be able to achieve this goal with fundraising and it will also require the local communities to create, run and manage their sourcing of food and income for the kindergartens.


We expect the cost of each element to fluctuate each year.  The cost of a permanent classroom build is approximately $5110AUD and there are 4 buildings needed.  The cost of a well is approximately $8000AUD and there are 4 wells needed (these have almost all been funded by end of Q1 FY2021).  The cost of solar power is approximately $2000AUD and there are 11 needed.  The cost of irrigation, toilets and storage is approximately $10 000AUD and there are 10 needed.  The total cost for each kindergarten ranges from $10,000AUD to $25,110AUD.  The cost for all 11 kindergartens is approximately $145 440AUD. 


These elements of infrastructure will be funded one at a time for each kindergarten.  The order in which these elements will be funded is:

  1. A water well for each kindergarten


  1. A Permanent Classroom Building (bricks and cement) for each kindergarten


  1. Solar Power for each kindergarten


  1. Irrigation, toilets and storage for each kindergarten


Child Safety

Project Kindy and the Canossian Daughters of Charity Sisters in Nsanama commit to providing safe kindergartens for the children by adhering to their agreed Child Safety processes.  Please refer to our Child Protection Policy, Child Protection Code of Conduct, Photography Policy, Reporting Procedure, Screening Procedure and other child safety documents.


Counter Terrorism

The Project Kindy committee is committed to avoiding terrorism and has checked that the names of the Canossian Daughters of Charity Sisters are not in the DFAT Consolidated List or terrorist organisations listed under the Criminal Code as sighted in September 2020. 



This Project Plan has been agreed upon by both partners in 2020:


Nsanama Head Sister, Sr Joanita Kayungilizi

Electronic Signature:  Sr Joanita Kayungilizi

Date:  25 September 2020


Canossian Provincial, Sr Maria Angela Massenti

Electronic Signature: Sr Maria Angela Massenti

Date:  25 September 2020


President Project Kindy, Donna Power

Electronic Signature: Donna Power

Date:  25 September 2020


Secretary Project Kindy, Toni Dugdale

Electronic Signature: Toni Dugdale

Date:  25 September 2020


Treasurer Project Kindy, Geoff Smith

Electronic Signature: Geoff Smith

Date:  25 September 2020