We’re so glad YOU’RE here!

We need YOUR help to give the life-changing gifts of:

๐Ÿ’š immediate food security

๐Ÿ’› school readiness (& it’s long-term impacts)

to children in extreme poverty in Malawi by providing their Kindergarten fees.

You can make a direct and powerful difference with your wonderful generosity and determination.

100% of your donation reaches the kindergartens in rural Malawi.

Your gift provides $4/month Kindy fees and/or large infrastructure projects such as classroom buildings.

You save lives through daily lunch and change lives through pre-schooling education.

Kindergarten prepares children for primary school with social and behaviour skills, basic numeracy and literacy and a growing sense of confidence and belonging to community. This sets them up for success in primary school and subsequently secondary school and beyond, creating leaders and active, skilled citizens. School readiness, therefore, is one of if not THE most cost-effective strategy to raise the standard of living for children, their local community and their country at large. Give the gift that keeps on giving!!

Join the Project Kindy Village for the JOY of it!


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