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Your support gives hope, food and kindergarten education to children in poverty in Malawi, Africa.

See how you save lives through daily lunch


change lives through pre-primary education

below via your tour video of the Malawi kindergartens…

Please note:

100% of your tax-deductible donation reaches the kindergartens in rural Malawi.

Choose whether your donation goes to either:

Kindy Fees: $4/month/per child Kindy fees cover tuckshop costs and staff wages

or Infrastructure: wells and permanent classrooms empower remote villages

Help in Our Tuckshop (give regularly)

or donate once only

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Kindergartens Provide Food for Vulnerable Children

Kindergarten gives daily lunch to fill up hungry tummies when there is no food at home. 

Children in Malawi suffer from malnutrition and hunger as their subsistence farming families face food insecurity regularly.  The kindergarten students receive a filling polenta-style lunch Monday to Friday, 9 months of the year. 

We need your help to provide this crucial food source for the families.

Kindergarten Education Gives HOPE

‘School Readiness’ is one of, if not THE, most cost-effective strategies to raise the standard of living for children, their families, their local community and their country at large.

Pre-school prepares children for primary school by developing their social and behaviour skills,

basic numeracy and literacy and a growing sense of confidence and belonging to community.

This sets them up for success in primary school and subsequently secondary school and beyond,

creating leaders and active, skilled citizens.

Give the gift that keeps on giving!!

Kindergarten Infrastructure Benefits Entire Communities 

Classrooms provide weather-proof shelter and security and wells provide essential access to fresh and local water. 

We plan to empower the communities to be self-sufficient in the long term. 

We need your help to provide the essential funding for these projects.

Join the Project Kindy Village for the JOY of it!

How Can You Help?

The 3 “Be the Core” Ways to Help the Children

1. Join our Village to receive our emails and share our story in person or by sharing our website or social media posts.

2. Come Help in our Tuckshop and join our regular giving program from as little as $4/month. 100% reaches the kindergartens. Join a workplace giving program to double your regular donation e.g. Good2Give and Good Company

3. Support the Project and Donate once only, buy Gift Vouchers or Gifts or Event Tickets at our Online Shop.


The 7 “Be More” Ways to Help the Children:

1. Be a FUNdraiser and organise an event or appeal to benefit the children. E.g. your birthday, a games night, sell treats

2. Be a Major Sponsor (Corporate or Private) or an Event Sponsor for our Girls Night Out and provide essential funding for an infrastructure project or sponsor the fees for an entire kindergarten.

Email us at team@projectkindy.com

3. Be an Official Member to learn more about our work and vote at our AGM.

4. Be a Legacy Donor and include a gift for the children in your will.

5. Be an Angel Investor and help us cover the costs of running the charity.

For every $1 you donate, you empower us to raise $3-$10 more dollars

6. Be a Committee Member and help steer the ship.

7. Be a Volunteer and help with our online presence or events. Email us at team@projectkindy.com

Watch the Video Below to Learn More about the Kindergartens