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Update from Malawi

kindergarten students listening to teacher in stick hut in Malawi

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  1. Bakhita Nursery School – Nsanama ….this is the main one that you have many pics of already. Here there are four teachers who get paid something small and 133 kids…there are also two cooks in the picture of the staff taken with me that Gio is sending. The names of the teachers are Mr Mlewa (headmaster), Mrs Chitzanja, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Baruti…kids make a small contribution and eat porridge in the morning and beans and nsima for lunch (nsima is like polenta and made from corn flour)
  2. Nazareth Nursery School – Katundu village – this kindy has 61 kids and 1 teacher who gets paid a very small amount…Her name is Mrs Unity Vera.  Kids here come for free and they receive porridge in the morning.
  3. St Anne’s Nursery School – Mpera village – this kindy has 65 kids and 1 volunteer teacher, Mr Mpila. Kids here come for free and they receive porridge.
  4. St Francis Kindergarten – 101 kids – this is the kindy of the picture with the teacher’s desk…we couldnt believe all the kids could fit in that small space, but you will see the pictures, they do…amazing…two teachers…Mrs Christine Bernard and Miss Phiri. Kids learn for free, mothers bring thier children from far and so remain for the day while the kids learn then they go back. Kids eat porridge in the morning. Teachers are volunteers
  5. St Pius Kindergarten – Chikuse village – 86 kids and 4 teachers….Mrs Nakale (Headmistress), Mrs Wilson, Mrs Moyenda and Mrs Wazili. Students learn for free and teachers are all volunteers. The students received porridge every morning. Here they have managed to get a solar panel to have solar electricity…so they do fundraising for the kindy by getting people to pay to charge thier phones!! They also open the kindy for students in secondary school to study during the night as all houses in the village have no electricity…

From Sr Melissa