Get Involved!

Our impact on the children and their families in need in rural Malawi is expanded and improved when people like yourself get involved in our Project Kindy Village.

Give a Personal Recommendation:  Share with a friend or family member why you value supporting the kindergartens and invite him/her to become a regular donor.  Your personal story will be most powerful.

Advocate on Social Media: Share, like and comment on Project Kindy posts or tag #projectkindy in your own on Facebook and Instagram

Create a Fundraising Event:  Design your own fundraising campaign and run in your own style eg pledge your birthday, games night, dinner and jam night, trivia, morning tea, movie night and so on.  

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Create a shindig with your nearest and dearest to raise money for new ‘digs’ (a new flood-proof classroom) for Project Kindy. We need to raise $7000 to fund the construction of a single-room brick building to replace the mud hut in one of our rural village kindergartens in Malawi. 100% of your donation will be sent to the Canossian Sisters who manage the kindergartens.

A classroom that can withstand flooding will give many children year-round access to early-years education for years to come. Evidence from a range of research argues that ‘school readiness’ is one of the most effective ways to raise the standard of living in poverty-stricken countries. A local company will be employed for the construction so your funds will also be providing local jobs.

Create your own event and donate the funds into the Project Kindy Bank Account (on the website). Ideas include: dinner, games-night, ladies’ lunch, trivia, live music jam night, champagne breakfast, family picnic, arts workshop, makeover afternoon or movie night.