Cloudland Cancelled

Dear Project Kindy Village
We love to receive this most beautiful question, “How can I help Project Kindy?”

On behalf of the children in poverty in Malawi, we are so grateful for your support, especially through these crucial early years of Project Kindy life.  Expert advice for charities recommends building our base of regular donors.
Last week we cancelled the Cloudland Benefit, however the children in Malawi still need us to fundraise to cover their $4/month kindergarten fees.  The children are suffering from extreme poverty and this year’s rains were not sufficient so they will be running out of food later on.
A regular donation is the least painful way for the donor to help and has the biggest impact on the children in Africa.  Small, regular amounts are hardly missed by the donor but make a significant difference to the outcomes for the children.  If you could set up a regular donation to fund the $4/month/child kindy fees, we’d really appreciate the direct and tangible difference you’d be making in Malawi.
How much money would make a real difference?  It only costs $4 for a MONTH of kindy for a child.  Some donors like to donate $4 x the number of children they have.  We have several people who donate $8/month, which sends 2 kids to kindy at $4/month/child.  We have others who donate $20, $60 or even up to $300 month.
Please have a think if you’d like your hard-earned Aussie dollars to go a really long way in Malawi.  I can assure you that 100% of you gift will go to covering the $4/month kindy fees.
Ideally, donating through bank transfer is the best, to avoid fees, but if credit card is your preference, then that’s fine too.
If you’re able to help become a Project Kindy Villager in this way, please go to to set up your donation.  You’ll provide short term daily food and long term education benefits to children in real need.  Thank you for considering it!
Project Kindy Bank Details 
(please update if you have our old St George details saved)

BSB:  064 032

Account Number:  1012 0947

Reference: Your First Name and Phone Number please

Bank: Commonwealth Bank.

Please update our bank details if you currently have our old St George account saved. Thank you.

Truly, your gift goes a very long way to people in real need.  Thank you so much for improving life for our beneficiaries in rural villages, Malawi, Africa.