Why Malawi?

In Malawi, people live what is called a subsistence lifestyle, where they rely on the land and the weather for the small amount of food they grow for themselves. Donna and Julie visited Malawi in May this year, and understood for the first time that they only harvest their food for a third of the year, roughly from April to July. So for 2 thirds of the year, they don’t harvest any crops – they don’t get new food. For us, that would be like all the grocery shops like Coles, Woollies, Aldi and even online shops would only be open from April to July.

As we know, children are amongst the most vulnerable to starvation and malnutrition. Our kindergarten lunches provide food security for these particular kids who at times have very little or nothing to eat. Our donors enable the children to enjoy regular, nutritious lunches that fill up their tummies and they also empower the children long term with early years education. The kindergartens are started, built and run by the village community themselves which gives them enormous pride and hope and improves community attitudes to education.

The Canossian sisters buy the kindergarten lunches only ONCE a year with our March donation, which lasts them many months. 400 bags of rice and corn are purchased, each bag weighing 50kg. That’s 20 000 kilos of grain. Volunteers from each kindy pick up the weekly flour from the Sisters to provide the lunches.

Our dream is to empower more children and teachers at the grassroots level in Malawi. Direct impacts are powerful and the outcomes are impressive when people in our village and their village step up to achieve a common goal together. Generosity is a part of our hearts, it feels right and it simply makes us feel good. Donating to Project Kindy is one way to make an easy and tangible difference in the lives of many children and their communities.