Why Join Our Village?

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Why Join Our Project Kindy Village?

“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

Project Kindy is a small candle, but it shines brighter every day as more of you join our Village to make a tangible, longlasting impact in the lives of kindergarten children and their families suffering extreme poverty in Africa.  We fundraise in Australia to empower remote villages in rural Malawi to  run kindergartens within the management and supervision of the Canossian Sisters.  Project Kindy is Efficient, Empowering and Enjoyable and we hope you will join us as a monthly donor, social media advocate, volunteer, guest at our events or as a partner in fundraising efforts through other channels such as your business, organisation or school.


100% of your donation is transferred directly from our Project Kindy Bank Account to the Canossian Sisters’ Bank Account strictly for the purpose of covering kindergarten fees at 9, soon to be 10 rural kindergartens.  We have a separate bank account for our expenses so we don’t touch the general donations.

Our annual budget is very specific and covers food, wages and transport costs – eg we know exactly how many bags of corn, rice, soya beans, groundnuts and sugar our donations buy for the year.  We simplify the reporting back process by sending only two large donations a year.

We operate online, reducing time and expenses.

  • Our website, projectkindy.com, tells our story in more detail, accepts donations quickly and easily and sells tickets for events.
  • Our Facebook and Instagram pages inform and entertain viewers and make sharing our message online easy and
  • We’ve decided to send only 4 email updates a year in the form of quarterly reports so we don’t take up your email inbox.

Project Kindy fundraising events are a collaborative effort.  The Executive arranges 3 fundraising events a year: one for families, one big fancy one and a festive music style one.   Our fundraising efforts are expanded individuals and groups to create their own style of fundraising events and businesses, organisations and schools partner in us in various ways.

Through all of this, our focus is on building lasting, respectful and ever-deepening relationships with our Project Kindy Village Members.  We want you to feel that Project Kindy is worth your time and/or money and that your direct impact on people in need in Africa brings you joy and a sense of purpose.


With over 40 years of experience in charitable work in Malawi, Sr Josephine has seen firsthand that the best way to help is a partnership model between donors and beneficiaries.  As active participants our communities will grow in skill and confidence and the whole village will progress towards their goals and avoid the pitfalls of long term, passive receiving.

How do the Malawian Villages collaborate with us?   The success of the kindergartens is reliant on the leadership, generosity and hardwork of the local Malawian villages, teachers and parents.

  • The head chief and sub chiefs lead the way as they initiate the establishment of the kindergarten, form a P and C committee and send a sub chief to meet with Sr Josephine monthly.
  • The parents contribute small fees when they can, more ingredients for the lunches such as groundnuts or salt, they design and build the temporary structure from sticks and/or mud and a few have also made their own bricks in the hope of receiving help to build permanent buildings.  The mums walk their children to school.
  • The teachers are still farmers, giving up valuable cultivation time to teach the children. They create their own resources, teach the children English and Chichewa, behavioural and social skills and they provide a fun, safe place for children to learn.
  • The children walk a long way to kindy and are ready and eager to learn. Our kindergartens reach children in remote areas and give them a head start with English and behavioural/social skills, which are key factors for their future success at school.

How does the Aussie Project Kindy Village contribute?

We are the only source of consistent income for these specific villages.  Your donations make it possible for them to follow this dream and succeed.  So far, your kind gifts of funds nearly cover the cost of food, wages, transport (we need another $1000/month to reach this goal) and hopefully as more of you become involved, we can expand to providing permanent buildings and wells.

Wells cost $8000 each.  The wells will change the lives of not only the children but the whole villages, especially women, surrounding the kindergarten as it will save hours of work walking to and carrying back water.  Building permanent buildings cost $12 000 each, employing a reputable local company of builders and purchasing materials locally.  The kindergartens will be much improved with proper shelter, security for resources and solar power.


The feedback we consistently get from our donors and volunteers is that they are grateful for a sense of joy and meaning they receive from being involved in Project Kindy.

Individuals enjoy giving purpose to their finances.  They appreciate the direct link to the grassroots, knowing where their money is specifically going and the impact it is making. Project Kindy does something special to a person’s heart and life.  We love our donors and we want to keep you for a very long time and go on this adventure together.  Who knows?  Maybe one day you’ll come to Malawi and meet these people for yourself and really know deep down how powerful your contribution to this collaborative project has been..

Businesses, schools and other groups also find joy and meaning in being involved in Project Kindy. The feedback we get is that not only the staff appreciate partnering with us, but so do their customers, clients, members, students or families.

“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”  In fact it is even better to light a candle and work, love and dance around it with all your might and heart!  Join our Village and add your light!

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