Host a Dinner and Jam Night


What does a typical “Dinner and Jam Night” look like?

This fundraiser is a relaxed, warm, welcoming and fun event in the home of the host.

The host prepares and serves home-cooked dinner and provides a space for guests to eat.

  • The management of drinks is up to the host, most say BYO.
  • The menu is up to the host. We recommend keeping it easy such as slow cooker meals.  It can be fun to make themed snacks or desserts (eg kindy, music, Africa)

The host prepares a space for guests to jam (play and sing live music).

  • Amplifying speakers are helpful for electronic instuments & mics but not vital
  • Providing a range of instruments from guitars to maracas helps involve more guests
  • Preparing a range of songs to start and keep the momentum going is helpful

The work of Project Kindy and the destination of the funds raised are explained at some point in the night through using the video, photos and information at

Guests make cash or online donations before, on or after the night.

  • enables online donations on phones and PCs
  • Host collects and banks cash donations or charges an entry fee
  • Promoting the event well using photos and info often inspires guests to donate even if they can’t attend the evening

The host takes photos to share on the Project Kindy website as a way of encouraging others to run their own fundraisers.

The Project Kindy team report back to the host and his/her guests, giving thanks for and proof of the impact of their donation.

Contact the Project Kindy committee at for a Project Kindy logo, photos and help writing the invitation if you would like.