Sponsor an Entire Kindergarten

100% of funds will go directly to the grassroots


Are you and/or your workplace, school or group in a position to sponsor a new kindergarten in rural Malawi? The need is great as the famine worsens.  Your impact will directly nourish and protect 50-150 vulnerable children per new kindy.  The more donors who join our Project Kindy Village, the more kindergartens the Canossian Sisters can open and the more children can be fed.


 Year-round lunches for a kindy of 100 students costs $3500

We started with 1 kindergarten which had 40 students in attendance.  Within 5 years that had grown to 7 kindergartens with more than 730 students in attendance!  The Project Kindy dream is to attract more generous donors like yourself so we can enable the Canossian Sisters to expand their ministry in Malawi to reach hundreds if not thousands more children in need.

Email us at projectkindy@gmail.com for more information about how to sponsor a kindergarten

Thank you so much.  Your generosity is deeply appreciated.