Capacity Builders

capacity builders for project kindy improve outcomes for our beneficiaries in rural malawi

The outcomes for the beneficiaries of Project Kindy’s fundraising work are improved substantially by our Capacity Builders.  By donating directly into our Expenses Fund instead of our General Donations Fund, you can build our capacity for efficient fundraising.  We have some exciting prospects in the pipeline, partnering with large organisations and businesses to deliver life-changing outcomes for our extremely disadvantaged children and villages in rural Malawi, Africa.  However we can only succeed in these projects if we have the trust of Capacity Builders like you.

As a Capacity Builder, you will receive quarterly reports on the returns of your investment.  In the past, it has been the case that Capacity Builders empower Project Kindy to raise as much as 10 times the original investment. For example, a donation of $200 can yield $2000 in some projects, and hopefully even more in the future.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries on earth with a GDP of $450AUD per person. Recent years of harsh droughts and destructive floods have worsened the extreme poverty suffered by people there and children are amongst the most vulnerable. The work of Project Kindy aims to help nourish children with daily nutritious lunches and early years education with a focus on language and social skills development. The established, reliable relationship between Project Kindy and the Canossian Daughters of Charity and therefore the teachers, parents and children of the rural villages in Malawi where our kindergartens are located, creates a direct line between our Australian donors and Malawian beneficiaries. 100% of the general donations received by Project Kindy directly reaches the kindergartens. We have a strict, specific budget with a transparent reporting back system with the Sisters so that donors are assured of the long-reaching impact of their donations. The Aussie dollar stretches a long way in Malawi!

Expenses Fund Bank Details

Account Name:  Project Kindy

BSB:  114 879

Account Number:  413 764 666

Reference:  Your first name and phone number, please

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