Our Work

Malawi, Africa, is one of the poorest countries on earth with a GDP of $450AUD per person.


The work of Project Kindy aims to nourish children in need with daily nutritious lunches and early years education with a focus on language and social skills development. Recent years of harsh droughts and destructive floods have worsened the extreme poverty suffered by subsistence farming families in Malawi and children are amongst the most vulnerable, especially in rural areas.  Project Kindy raises funds to provide Kindergarten Fees which cost only $4/child/month and your help increases the number of kindergartens we can support.

Project Kindy Donors enjoy a direct connection to their Malawian Beneficiaries through our strong relationship with the Canossian Daughters of Charity and the chiefs, teachers, parents and children of the rural villages in Malawi where our kindergartens are located. 100% of the general donations received by Project Kindy directly reaches the kindergartens. We have a strict, specific budget with a transparent reporting back system with the Sisters so that donors are assured of the long-reaching impact of their donations. The Aussie dollar stretches a long way in Malawi!

20160511_094758Drawing on decades of experience, the Canossian Sisters have built sustainable, community-centred kindergartens in remote areas, serving the poor with respect and dignity.  The Project Kindy Village support 10 of their kindergartens which are attended by nearly 1000  children in need, many of whom are orphans.

about project kindy and our workProject Kindy manages two bank accounts in order to assure donors that 100% of their donation will be sent to the people who need it most.  The “Donations Fund” is paid into by General Donors either through the website or directly into the St George bank account.  Capacity Builders kindly donate into our separate “Expenses Fund” to cover the expenses of our fundraising strategies.

Donors are the lifeblood of Project Kindy and their trust and compassion is not taken for granted.

Project Kindy began with 1 kindergarten of 40 students in September 2011 and has expanded over time to 10 this year, and now directly supports over 900 children.

The 10 kindergartens and their villages in rural Malawi, Africa:

Bakhita Kindergarten at Nsanama (200+ students and 4 teachers)

St Francis Kindergarten at Atupele (100+ students and 2 teachers)

St Augustine’s Kindergarten at Mgodi (100+ students and 2 teachers)

St Annie’s Kindergarten at Mahete (90+ kids and 1 teacher)

Holy Family Kindergarten at Katundu (80+ students and 1 teacher)

St Pius’ Kindergarten at Chisuse (80+ students and 4 teachers)

St Lawrence Kindergarten at Mlambe (50+ students and 2 teachers)

St Theresa’s at Nsanama outskirts  (80+ students and 1 teacher)

St Kizito at Nsanama outskirts (40+ students and 1 teacher)

The tenth kindergarten starts in September 2017