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About Our Beginnings

why kindergarten? invest in project kindy to see significant return on the lives of children, communities and the whole country.

Hi, I’m Donna Power and as the Founding President of Project Kindy I am often asked about how it began.  In 2011 I enjoyed the chance to set long term goals for myself, including how I was to be involved in charity work.  Incidentally, it just so happened that my friend, Sr Melissa Dwyer, came home briefly from her mission in Africa at that time.  Sr Mel told me about several needs of people in rural Malawi but one in particular grabbed my attention.

One of the kindergartens run by local teachers and managed by the Sisters demonstrated the extent of the material poverty the community faced. As struggling subsistence farmers, the families’ livelihoods were and still are threatened by poor weather. For this reason, as incredible as it sounded, the monthly kindergarten fee of $4 per child was and is out of reach for parents and guardians. The funding of kindergarten fees struck me as an achievable, straightforward way to provide support to people in need. In fact a sense of urgency and compelling purpose welled up within me.

I set up “Project Kindy” in September 2011 to help 40 children at 1 kindergarten and we officially registered in 2016 as an Australian Charity because we now raise funds for 11 kindergartens with nearly 800 children.


The Executive Committee

Donna Power of Project Kindy

Donna Power: President

Julie Soh vice president of Project Kindy represents the businesses on our executive committee for Project Kindy

Julie Soh:  Vice President

Kiara Palmer of Project Kindy

Kiara Palmer: Secretary

Peter McDade treasurer for Project Kindy

 Peter McDade: Treasurer

Belinda Starrenburg is the Project Kindy accountant and represents our families

Belinda Starrenburg

Allison White offers strategy and communications expertise to Project Kindy

Allison White


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